Hello, long time no see!!

Hello everyone!!! I know it’s been ages since I post on my blog, due to covid, school, and everything in between, I completely neglected bad and bookish and I’m deeply apologize for it.

I really want to start back book blogging but I want to make some changes to my bad and bookish. Firstly, I would like to change the name. I know bad and bookish has been my trademark but I want a change into something else. Secondly, I would like to change my blog’s layout, yet I have no idea where to even start finding someone who can make WordPress backgrounds or themes.

Thank you guys for all the support of this blog and hopefully by next post, this new blog would be in full swing!


owls tbr

Hello all! Two blog posts in a week?! Who am I??

We love consistency!

I’m pretty sure you guys already know what the magical readathon is. If not it’s a readathon based off on Harry Potter OWLS.

More info can be found here.

I decided to pick the career path of the magizoologist since I am going to be studying veterinary medicine.

As a magizoologist, I have to take Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Herbology, and Potions. I’m also taking a dragon training class!

Each class has it’s own prompt as well and I will be showing you guys which I’ll be reading!

Care of Magical Creatures-Hippogriffs: Read a book with a beak on the cover.

30969741. sy475

Charms-Lumos Maxima: White cover


Herbology-Mimbulus mimbletonia: title starts with an (m)

48642327. sy475

Potions-Shrinking solution: Read a book under 150 pages

50629812. sy475

Dragon Tamer Training: Read and extra book about dragons.


I’ve already finished two of these books in my tbr, hopefully three by the time this post is up. If I’m already finished with this tbr then I’ll picked another career to do since I really like this readathon!

Thanks for reading!


march wrap up

hello all! I hope everyone is having a good quarantine and doing well. I had a good reading month in March and I’ve already finished three books this month. I have read a total of 10 books and had the average rating of 3.4.


Rated this five stars! This book was craaazy and depressing man. It was good yet at the same time I could not recommend this book because of all the dark themes. Make sure you read all the trigger warnings before you read this book because I did not and I was taken by a huge surprise after I finish this book. The pacing was also a little weird to me also during the first half and I also found the dialogue weird since the setting is set in Ancient China yet the characters talk as if it’s 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next book used today’s slang. It both amused and bother me.


Rated this four stars! Thoughtless is one of my favorite contempories from S.C. Stephens and I saw she had a book with rivals between two bike racing companies and I really did love this story. The main character was kind of annoying but I really liked the love interest. I liked the rivalry and I can’t wait to read the second book. I’m sad this book had a low rating on goodreads but definitely recommend if you like romance between rivals!


Rated this 2.5 but I rounded to a three on goodreads. This is a quiet book with a fake dating trope and I’ll be honest this book had the blandest fake dating ever. They’re hardly put in any situations where they have to prove they’re dating. Everyone just went along with it and the person the main character was trying to convince the most that she was in a fake relationship already knew. This book has little climax and I could barely remember how it ended. Like I said it’s a quiet read if you don’t want anything too dramatic.


I rated this book three stars! I wanted to love this so much like everyone else but it was just too info-dumpy to the point I got bored when I got to the end, I still didn’t know what was going on. I loved the setting and characters but the politics was just too much.

52097517. sx318 sy475

Five awesome stars! I loved Jason so much in this book and will definitely be rereading this. You can either love how Obnoxious and ridiculous Jason or you’ll find it annoying but I was few who found Jason entertaining. Definitely one of my fave contemporaries now and one of my fave books of 2020! Definitely recommend!

48892940. sy475

Four stars! I absolutely loved the romance and the first two chapters… whew! Steamy! I don’t remember why I didn’t rate it five stars. I think it’s because there’s too much sex for me. I mean I don’t have any problem with smut but it got to the point I was got annoyed but I definitely recommend! A sweet sweet romance!

48574235. sy475

This was a good intro to the series yet the plot was slow. If you’re someone who reads books more for the plot, then this wouldn’t be your book. I really liked the main character and the setting was meh. I gave this book an overall three stars but I will be reading the second book!


This is was definitely a book for the Slytherins because the main character was sneaky and very mischievous. I really liked the main character but the romance and plot was just not it. The love interest had 0 personality and and the plot would be all over the place. Every obstacle the main character had it would easily be removed or resolved. I enjoyed the book but it’s just a bland Wicked King by Holly Black. Rated this three stars!

30075662. sy475

I finally read a hyped book! All I’ve been reading were debuts and lowkey books and I finally read something that’s popular among the book community and all I can say it was ehh. I feel like I would absolutely loved this if I were in my teens (I’m 21). I loved the group of misfits trope and every POVs but what bother me the most. THE MOST. was Zila’s lack of POV. She probably had her own two chapters but they were barely a paragraph long while everyone else gets multiple chapters with multiple pages. I feel some type of way because Zila is the only black girl in the group and if it weren’t for her, this book would be nothing! They would honestly be stuck and confused without Zila and if the bisexual disabled alien can get chapters and pages then so should the smartest person in the whole series. Because of that, I rated it three stars. I will be picking up the second book!


I hate the fact this book wasted my time. It was so gross and downright ridiculous. I DNF’d at 70% because the more chances I tried to give this book, the more ridiculous it gets. The plot is no where to be found, the characters are weird, and the book tries to be both dramatic and humorous but fails to do both and instead comes off cringey. This does have the cheating trope which I don’t really have a problem with but the trope was handled poorly with barely any consequences. The book had the potential. It HAD IT. But after 25% of it, it just went down hill and got weirder and weirder and weirder. Definitely do not recommend. Also there’s a rape scene involving the heroine or male interest that wasn’t handled correctly and I just can not. 1 star. Hate the fact I ended March with this book.

Thank you guys for reading my wrap up! I will try to post more often since I have loads of free time! I’m also partaking in the OWLS readathon and will be showing you guys my TBR which I already half way finished.

Thanks for reading!



Hello everyone, I hope everyone is staying safe and inside during these trying times. I haven’t really given an update on my blog since early February and since then I have read many books!

I love Bad and Bookish but sometimes I don’t have the motivation to blog anymore and I want to since I’ve read many books that I want to share with you guys but my drive is dead and the longer I don’t pay any mind to my blog and became busy with other things, the more I could care less about blogging and I don’t want that to be the case. Now that I have so much free time on my hands, now I can actually blog and make some changes. For one I want to change my blog design or theme but I have no idea where to start on that. Please share any tips!

I’ll post a wrap at the end of the month for all the March books I read but before I end this post, I’ll share some of the books I read in February. In that month, I joined kindle unlimited and discovered so much romance books such as stories by Alexandra Warren. So in the spirit of book Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, I read black love romance and I hope you guys check them out and enjoy them as much as I had. I’ll leave my rating along with the books.

Four stars!
Four stars!
50867937. sx318 sy475
Three stars!
Four stars and also a new 2020 favorite!
48841483. sy475
four stars
44172791. sy475
Five stars!
49627196. sx318 sy475
3.5 stars!
51820937. sx318 sy475
Five adorable star! A 2020 favorite!
52262921. sx318 sy475
3.5 stars

I read a bunch of romances that month and I can’t wait to share with you guys the books I read for this month! Please stay safe and thanks for reading!


quick mini review: the bookworm crush by lisa brown roberts + call it what you want by bridgid kemmerer


I read this book in December and I’m over a month past due to review this book so I apologize for the tardiness but better late than never am I right?

My biggest issue from this book is the romance, specifically the male love interest.

This book is about a book worm named Amy who is entering a competition to meet her favorite author but unfortunately she needs help with getting confidence. Enter in surfer named Toff who volunteers to teach Amy to be more confident in herself and help her win the competition.

My BIGGEST pet peeve in this book was Toff. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t a bad character but how guys let me tell you, Toff is the personification of an F boy, someone who wants the benefits of a relationship but doesn’t want the title nor the commitment and it was like this for majority of the book until my girl Amy put her foot down which I appreciated.

Also there’s a fake dating trope in their as well!

I also liked the references to the book community like book blogging, bookstagram, and booktube. I wish we had more books more dedicated to bookworms. I highly recommend this to any reader and I rated this three stars!

40653162. sy475

Call It What You Want is about two unlikely teens who’s past brought them together. Basically.

This story was….something else. I haven’t really read a serious book like this in a good while. I really loved reading Rob’s story and handling the aftermath of his father’s mistakes from being one of the most popular boys in school to being the kid with the father who attempted (trigger warning: suicide) suicide because he stole money from the people in town. I loved seeing him learn his lessons and his friendships and him seeing the people affected by his father.

Maegan was an okay character for me. I didn’t like how she was quick to judge Rob in some aspects in the books but I did love her relationship with her sister and her trying to be their for her. The romance between Maegan and Rob was quiet and sweet but I also like the fact it wasn’t the priority of this book. I like how Rob and Maegan both had their own story to tell and I’m glad the book ended the way it did. I rated this book four stars!

Thanks for reading!

-Cayla ❤

a january wrap up and an apology?

Γειά Σου Hello GIF by DJ Khaled

I deeply apologize for not being active enough on this blog. I’ve read many books yet did not post any reviews or any tags or pretty much anything on here and I really truly deeply apologize for that but I will try to be more active! I hope every had a good new year and having even a better start to the year.

I’ve read a total of nine books this month which is pretty impressive of me since I hardly read books during the school year but since my classes aren’t as hard and demanding like last semester, I get the chance to relax and read more!

In all the nine books I read this month, not all of them really struck me as one of my favorites. Actually, I read more stories that were more okay than good. So I hope you guys enjoy my quick reviews of the nine books I read and maybe you’ll enjoy them too better than I had. My average rating for this month was 2.6 which is really low than usual. I’ve been more interested in kindle unlimited books, so expect some in the future!

48754850. sy475

Kind of Cursed by Stephanie Fournet

Kind of Cursed is about this tradition in Millie’s family where the women will get pregnant no matter what, even if contraception are used. Millie goes out her way to avoid men as long as she can while she raise her little siblings until a certain guy comes into her life.

This book was cute but I feel like it dragged a bit and got boring in certain places. I did enjoy the story and I feel like most people would enjoy this book because of the sweet romance and the elements of family. I rated this book 3.5 stars!

48105940. sx318

The Fine Art of Losing Control by Ashley Shepherd

After a series of unfortunate events, she takes a trip to New Zealand to find the father she never met and also gave her scholarship money for college. There she befriends unlikely friends and a roadtrip.

I really enjoyed this story and this is probably my favorite book of this month. I love the humor and banter between the group and the drama and angst. The romance was so sweet as well and if you’re looking for a quick road trip read with humor then you’ll enjoy this book. I rate this four stars!

36373564. sy475

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

The story is about a woman named Calla who visits her father who she hasn’t heard from years after learning he’s sick in Alaska.

This story was the cutest. What I enjoyed the most was Calla redeveloping her relationship with her father and the time they spent together. I wish the author would gave us more moments together and the romance was just great! I loved the ending so much. If you’re looking for a slow quiet book with hate-to-love trope and city girl/country boy romance, then you’ll absolutely love this book. I rate this book four stars!

39980204. sy475

Two Princes of Summer by Nissa Leder

This book is about a competition of two brothers to win the throne in the summer court in this fae series, but between them is a human girl standing in the way.

From the low rating, I expected this book to be horrendous and it was. The writing was juvenile and not really thorough. All the characters were flat and lacked personality and both of the princes were awful and the main character was weak majority of the book but I was curious to see how it ends and usually books like this makes me curious of how the author will improve in the second book which I am for sure going to pick up. I rated this book two stars!

43513793. sx318

A Love Hate Thing by Whitney D. Grandison

This hate-to-love story is about a young boy named Tyson after suffering a troubled past, moves to Pacific Hills to live with his childhood friend Nandy.

This was my most anticipated book of January. Unfortunately, it became my most disappointed book from this year so far. It had the bad boy/ good girl trope with black people with the hate-to-love trope and living together trope. The romance was forced and sort of insta-lovey, the female love interest was ridiculous and wishy-washy. All the side characters were flat and there were so many of them that it’s easy to forget who’s who. I rated this one star.

45169121. sy475

Of Beast and Beauty by Chanda Hahn

This beauty and beast retelling is about a witch who’s forced to marry a prince who’s kingdom despises her kind. There’s also a murder mystery and magic.

This book was okay for me. I really liked the plot and setting and the summery but the characters, writing, and romance weren’t really that good in my opinion. The writing wasn’t really thorough for me and the romance was on the insta-love side. It is a hate-to-love romance between the witch and prince but the prince was such a butthole that I couldn’t enjoy the romance between the two. I rated this book three stars!

28374007. sy475

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

This book is about these triplets who were separated young to be raised as queens in three separate kingdoms. Their destiny is to be queen of all three kingdoms except they have to kill each other to gain the throne.

This book was SLOW and BORING for a great majority of this book but the setting really drew me in and kept me reading and I’m glad I finished because the last quarter of the book really interested me but the climax was so lukewarm and that ending was obvious. I rated this three stars and I’m for sure continuing the series and see where it goes.

46065762. sy475

The Forever Crew by C.M. Stunich

The last book in the Adamson All-Boys Academy book and my last disappointment of this month. I won’t spoil anyone but it’s basically a very rated R version of Ouran High School Host Club mix with a murder mystery and this includes polyamory relationships and reverse harem.

I had so many theories for this book and I learned that the author writes books with polyamory relationships and that the main character doesn’t stick to one character and I was disappointed to find out this stuck with this series too because my ship didn’t happen and I had a whole theory a post dedicated to this series. I enjoyed the humor and I’m glad it’s over but I rated this three stars. I feel like since it’s been a while since I read the last book, I already forgotten some aspects and got bored in certain parts and it did have some flaws in both writing and plot.

I hope you guys enjoyed my quick reviews of the books I read this month. I’m still reading some books I started this month such as The Starless Sea and a couple books I DNF’d that I’ll share in a seperate post.

Thank you for reading!

-Cayla ❤

quick mini review: six weeks of loving you by karli perrin + call it one-sided by daniela reyes

46416823. sx318

This book hurts both in a good and hurtful way.

This book is about a woman who has amnesia after getting into a train accident. In a result of this, she can only remember six weeks worth of memories after the traumatic accident. After the six weeks end, her memory fades and returns back to the day after the accident, while life still continues.


I didn’t expect to love this book so much.

The romance is so sweet. The way the love interest tries to win over the main character is so sweet and swoon-worthy to the point you even feel like the love interest is trying to win you over.

For such a short book, you’ll experience a roller coaster of emotions from laughing, to crying, to smile, or doing all three. I highly recommend this book if you want a quick yet an emotional read that’ll hurt but at the same time make you happy. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil anything but please read it. It is definitely reread worthy and quickly became one of my favorite books ever.

Five stars!

48803779. sy475

The fake dating trope is quickly becoming my new favorite trope.

This book is about a girl who works both at a coffee shop, Meli’s, and her dad’s book shop, Bee’s books and a rich spoiled boy who’s forced to work at Meli’s to teach him a lesson. At an event where they both had to work, the guy planned to confessed his feelings for his friend but after finding out his friend is dating someone else, he confesses to the girl (the one who works in both the book store and coffee shop) instead which turned out going viral and they both end up faking dating.

If I could describe this book in a vibe, I would describe it as sitting in a quiet coffee shop during the winter, sipping on a cup of hot coffee kind of vibe. It’s not really a dramatic book nor would I categorize it as a cute chicklit romance (I mean you could) but it is a light read.

Both of the main characters are in love with someone else but the person they’re in love with turns out to be dating each other so the main characters decide to date each other to make their crushes jealous (my favorite kind of trope). This book is slow-burn and what really annoyed me the most was the climax. It only lasted a short chapter and it wasn’t really a big climax at all.

This book was a quick read and something I would recommend if you want a fake dating book and a quick read. What also annoyed me is that they don’t really act like a couple, like they don’t do anything that forces them to convince people their dating. I hope I’m making sense.

Anyways, I rate this book three stars!

Thank you guys for reading! I’m finally done with finals and I can finally read and give my book blog some attention!


the flatshare by beth o’leary + let me hear a rhyme by tiffany d. jackson mini reviews

36478784. sy475

This book is definitely reread worthy!

This story is about Tiffy and Leon sharing a flat together but the thing is, they never met in person and agreed not to since Tiffy works during the day and Leon works during night.

This book is the cutest book ever!

I like how it’s just not a love story. Leon has his own story and Tiffy has her own story and isn’t exactly centered around their romance. Their both complex characters with their own problems yet they both support each other the best they can. There are trigger warnings that involve stalking and emotional abuse from Tiffy’s boyfriend. I like how that topic is handled in this book and Tiffy’s growth in realizing that she was in a toxic relationship.

The only problem I had was how Leon’s point of view was told. I mean I get that it shows the way he thinks but sometimes it would get annoying but you’ll get used it to eventually.

I wouldn’t label this book as a cute light book since it does have heavy topics but the romance is soooooo adorable and quiet. I feel like this is a good fall book to read cuddled on your couch with something hot.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone and I give this five stars!

36285129. sy475

This book was just too bittersweet.

This story was about Quadir and Jarrell trying to get their best friend, Steph, voice heard since he was talented in rapping. Problem is that Steph is dead. With the help with Steph’s sister, Jasmine, the three team up to create a fake rapper name the Architect to help spread Steph’s music.

I never knew I needed this book until after I finished it.

I like how even though this book shares heavy topics such as gang violence, and grief, this book still had humor. I wish there were more funny books with black characters instead of always talking about the struggle and being so serious. Books such as Opposite of Always and Tristen Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky comes to mind when I think of black books with humor in them. This book was also set in 1998 and I definitely got the 90s vibes from this book. Reading this book was like watching a 90s film so can we please have more black books that remind me of 90s films and shows?

This book also deals with grief and seeing them depressed over Steph honestly made me depressed as if I lost him too. Just seeing them trying to make Steph dream into a reality makes you want it as bad too and you see them struggling trying to keep up the charade and the truth always come out and the ending was perfect. The last chapter made me sad yet happy too.

I also recommend this one to everyone and I rate this 4.5 stars!

Thanks for reading!


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Hello beautiful people! I’m so sorry for my absence! College has been kicking my butt and it makes me not as passionate about my book blog and reading but I am going to try to push it through. So this post is to let you guys know that I’m still alive and still want to keep blogging and I will find that passion and energy for it soon.

I still am partaking in the Triwizard Tournament and I will get you guys an update on that soon. I also have finished a total of three already this month including queen of nothing! Which I adored a lot! I can’t wait to share my opinions with you guys and as of now I’m currently reading Let Me Hear a Rhyme by Tiffany D. Jackson for one of the challenge in the Triwizard Tournment.

Hopefully I’ll get my energy back to do book reviews and be more active again but until then I hope everyone have a good Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving. I’m stuck here in school for Thanksgiving since I have to work and I have to work black friday. I know my job hates me.

Anyways thanks for reading!


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